Numerous companies offer Falconry shows to schools in general. However, there is a significant difference between the Falconry shows offered by others and those offered by Kingsport.

Kingsport Falconers provide presentations to students in the elementary levels which focus on unique and captivating ways of introducing or expanding on various aspects of the Ontario School Curriculum.

Through Kingsport there are a number of options for schools to choose from. Schools may choose,

  • a general information show designed for medium to larger size audiences;
  • a hands-on, interactive meet and greet designed for smaller audience sizes; or
  • the curriculum-based Junior Falconer program which includes an Anticipation Package as well as a show and meet and greet.

Through the program students interact with falcons, hawks, owls and eagles, making this approach to learning a fun and memorable experience.

Hands-on falconry shows have been well received by numerous schools in Ontario for the past number of years. Now is the time to ensure your students also have the opportunity to participate.

Our staff would welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and discuss your needs. Please contact us.

Public or Private Functions

Having a get together? We can help you be the host/organizer extraordinaire.

Kingsport offers client specific entertainment services catered to the needs of your function. Falconers have provided flight demonstrations and other services at:

  • birthday parties,
  • family picnics,
  • church parties,
  • scouting events,
  • fall fairs,
  • environmental events,
  • community days,
  • fundraisers,
  • political campaigns,
  • grand openings,
  • weddings,
  • corporate picnics/BBQs,
  • union events,
  • and many more.

Agricultural Uses

Bird damage to grapes, tender fruit and specialty crops is a serious problem for many growers. Unchecked, birds can completely destroy an entire crop. A flock of 5,000 starlings can consume up to 1 ton of food over a 10 day period, and blackbirds were blamed for an estimated loss of 15 million tons of food worldwide in 1968. This is enough to feed 90 million people. Even with the best effort and control equipment, bird damage will still occur and is actually increasing.

Propane fired cannons (bird bangers), electronic sound devices, whistling and/or pyrotechnic pistol cartridges, visual repellants, flashing lights and mirrors and netting are all in use yet the problem persists.

Trained falcons and hawks have been used successfully for many years at airports and have a proven track record. Call our professionals to discuss what a difference a trained bird-Falconer team can make to your operation.

Entertainment Industry

wran·gler (ˈraNGɡ(ə)lər/)

In North America, a wrangler is someone employed to handle animals professionally.

In North America, a wrangler is also one who professionally searches for and/or handles particular products, such as animals, for film and television purposes, music videos and photo shoots.

If you have need for hawks, falcons, owls or eagles please give us a call to discuss your requirements.