Kingsport Environmental provides wildlife management control services designed to fit your specific needs. The basic premise of our service is the environment aspect of control. For example, if there is a hawk, falcon, owl, eagle etc. regularly flying in an area, birds and small animals will naturally stay clear of the area as they instinctually know a bird of prey is near.

This Falconer-Bird team is especially useful:

  • around airports where birds will fly or get sucked into engines;
  • on construction sites where a nesting bird can cause a shutdown;
  • around dumps;
  • on beaches, at tourist locations, or other areas with high human occupancy where the birds can just be a nuisance.

Our staff can assist you to design a program built on the specifics of the job and focused on eliminating your pest problem. We personally go over all details and create the best program to fulfill your requirement.